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Floral Identity

flowers in vaseThere are some occasions that demand flowers. Weddings, funerals, hospital visits are all big business for florists. One of the busiest seasons for a floral shop is Mother’s Day, when children send a token of their love to their mums all over the world. There are varied reasons why the giving of flowers has become a tradition, and there are some psychological benefits to flowers that may have you considering sending a flower arrangement to someone on any average Tuesday afternoon – just to show them you care.

Impact of Flowers

According to some recent studies, the presence of flowers can set off a series of positive feelings. Flowers can increase the feelings of satisfaction with life, and make the recipient feel as though they are at the height of happiness. The impact of flowers can be felt immediately. When a person receives flowers, their eyes light up, they smile and their emotions have an instant response to the feelings of well-being and love that flowers bring. Flowers can help lighten a sense of depression, reduce anxiety and increase the bond between giver and receiver – a powerful result of a few simple blooms.

The Great Outdoors

receiving flowersIf you were to spend an afternoon wandering through a botanical garden, you would find that you smiled more, were generally happier and felt content. Even though nothing about your circumstances may have changed, the simple act of spending time among beautiful plants and flowers has a measurable impact on your mental health. That same effect can be seen with the arrival of a bouquet of flowers.

Product Placement

modern floral arrangement5Now that we’ve established that flowers can increase your mental health, it is important to know that where you place the flowers in your home or office can affect productivity and feelings of happiness.

Within the workplace, large flower arrangements near the entrance to an office can invigorate a workplace and help employees to feel content with their job and responsibilities. A small bouquet placed in the break room can give a sense of peace and tranquillity, lending the employee a few moments to gather their thoughts and return to their duties refreshed.

In the home, flowers in a main living room can add cheer and love to a room where families gather to spend time together. Larger arrangements near the front door are welcoming and speak of a peaceful home. Smaller bouquets placed strategically in bedrooms or guest rooms can speak of love and tranquillity.
Consider carefully where you decide to place that beautiful arrangement you receive – the power of flowers can’t be understated!

Flower Power

Basket of flowersNot only is the location and the occasion important, the type of flower given can provide important messages to the recipient. Roses have long been heralded as the sign of love, while a poinsettia seems reserved for the Christmas holidays. Finding out the message of the flowers you are including in any arrangement can be insightful and fun.
For example, did you know that the lily of the valley is a sign of increased happiness? Perhaps that is why Princess Diana included those flowers in her bridal bouquet. Interestingly, Kate Middleton chose the same flowers for her bouquet. These sentimental and romantic flowers send a message of true love and devotion.

With a little research, you can discover the secret world of flower messages. During the Victorian Era, entire books were written to decode the messages a lover might be giving by the simple bouquet. A few well-placed single blooms in a vase may signify steadfast devotion, while a flower lying on a book may indicate a desire to spend more time with the recipient.

These secret messages were a way for lovers to signal each other of their devotion and intention without having to use words that may be overheard by other members of society and then spread around as gossip.

The practice of giving a few simply flowers wrapped in a handkerchief began during this time, when the color and type of flower were a message about a meeting that should take place under the cover of darkness in a garden, out of the way of curious eyes.

Favourite Blooms

classic flower arrangementFinding out what your favourite flower may be is a way to identify interesting traits in your personality. A sunflower is a sign of cheer and happiness – indicating that you are generally a positive person who sees the brighter side of life. A peony may show that you are a romantic who prefers to spend your time with a cup of tea and a romance novel, while daydreaming of days gone by. A calla lily indicates a more modern viewpoint, who prefers to get straight to the point and doesn’t enjoy subterfuge.

Spend some time wandering through your local florist, and find what the flowers that most appeal to you may be. It may be a fun way to express your personality, and a fun way to find the hidden message that flowers may have for you. Most florists can also indicate what the meaning behind flowers is – letting you design your own bouquet filled with a secret message.

We often think of giving flowers only on big occasions, but we have seen that flowers can be used to lift the mood of people at any time – and that it increases the bond between people. What a simple and effective way to show someone that you care about them – and that you want to be thought of as a courteous and thoughtful person.

The next time you are in need of a gift, or simply want to brighten the day of someone, choose a random day and send a simple bouquet of flowers. The message you send may be exactly what they need to hear, and the impact will last long beyond the life of the flowers. Perhaps the recipient will follow another floral tradition and press the flowers between the pages of a book to keep the lovely flowers forever.

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