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Celebrating the Circle of Life With Flowers

baby shower flowersNothing changes life as drastically as welcoming a new baby into the world. These new creatures consume the lives and hearts of their families. Filled with promise and innocence, they are the ultimate symbols of hope and reminders of the circle of life. Few people can resist the soft gentleness of their skin and the fresh scent of baby powder and milk they emit. It’s almost impossible to avoid grabbing and squeezing them to soak up all the warm goodness they have.

Yet, in the midst of all the excitement and wonder, many parents spend their first few days with their newborns in dull, drab hospital rooms, surrounded by the sounds of machines and flavours of institutional food. These places certainly do not reflect the joyful feelings of the families who are embarking on their new journeys in life. This is also why flowers are great gifts for new families. They brighten and bring warmth to these institutions while letting the families know that we want to share in the occasion.

So how do we know what flowers to send for these new arrivals?

Traditional vs. Modern Gifts

Throughout history, rules have been an important part of society that tell us what is and is not socially acceptable. This is why, as guests, we don’t wear white to weddings or call people at home after ten at night. It’s also why we send greetings to the members of our communities to help them celebrate life’s milestones. These rules make it easy for us to know what to do in different situations.

baby boy floral arrangementFor many years, these rules simplified the decision making process for choosing gifts for new babies. Blue has been the traditional colour for baby boy gifts, while baby girls have usually received pink items. Even flowers have been chosen to express certain sentiments. We have used carnations, daisies, and tulips to share with new parents our joy and best wishes for the love they will have throughout their lifetimes.

baby flowersFortunately, we don’t have to strictly follow these rules any-more. The colours, shapes, and flowers no longer hold special meanings for us because we all understand that the act of giving is what really matters. In fact, shades of green, red, purple, and yellow are all excellent choices for birth flowers and gifts for the whole family to enjoy. It’s an easy way to send a ray of sunshine into their lives.

There’s No Time Like the Present

It’s never been easier to send a special arrangement to help celebrate a new arrival. With the best online service to send birth flowers, you can choose an attractive, whimsical arrangement that is sure to delight the new parents.

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