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Flowers for him? Floral gifting mistakes.

As long as there has been recorded history, there has been a precedence for men to be seen as the gender who gives the flowers. However, in more recent years, a lot of debate has sprung up over the practice of giving flowers in general. With the shifting in social trends and cultural changes that have become more prominent in the last 15 years or so people have begun to question the notion that only men give flowers to women. Among the most common questions that florist have been asked at some point, there has been an increase in women asking if its proper to give flowers to a man.

The answer to that question though depends on a lot possible factors.

gourmet deluxe gift basketIn general though, most men when surveyed, don’t particularly care for flowers as a gift. Part of it is believed to be in how men and women have different styles of thinking. When followed up with questions about what they would rather have than flowers, most men responded with some sort of food or drink as a preferred item.

Does that men all men dislike flowers as gifts?

Certainly not. There are indeed a fair number of men who may enjoy the idea of getting flowers or not mind them at all. The issue is though, that they are in the minority. When you are considering giving the beautiful gift of flowers to someone, you should always take in to account certain things, not just gender. There are some women who dislike getting flowers just as much as some men do.

Avoid an embarrassing gifting mishap by asking questions.

orange flower arrangementWhile giving flowers, especially having them delivered, can be an exciting and wonderfully thoughtful gesture, it can also cause a bit of drama. This is particularly true of times when someone doesn’t know about an allergy and accidentally sends a large bouquet of beautiful misery to someone’s office. Part of giving flowers means being sure its the right gift for someone. Sometimes the best way to know for sure is to simply ask. If you are hoping to surprise someone at some point with a flora gift, you can easily work it into a conversation by using and example that prompts a response.

A good example of how you can do this by bringing up an incident where you were sent flowers. Give your reaction to the event and invite them to share how they feel about the topic. Use dialogue, while you at work on break, such as; “Ah, its about the time of year again. Johnny likes to send me flowers around this time of year. I think its a sweet gesture, I just hope he sends them to the house this year and not here. It can be so annoying when you get deliveries like that. What do you think about that whole getting flowers at work bit?” This sort of relaxed conversation can be extremely effective. It creates the ideally casual tone that allows you to gain information without giving away the potential surprise.